Accompaniment and e-investment accompaniment in Morocco

  • Project study and business climate.

  • Search for opportunity "local, land, financial aid, bank credit ... .."

  • Legal and tax support.

  • Accompaniment tailored and according to the need of the request

  • The support can be carried out within our local, at the heart of the company, or by remote internet.

Strategic issues "Launch, development and restructuring of a company"

  • Organizational organizational development: Human Resources and Sales Department.

  • Evaluation of the business development system.

  • Encourage collective performance.

  • Proposal of medium-term restructuring action plans.

  • Position HR and the training department at the heart of the company's strategy.

  • Offer solutions using Digital Marketing

Expertises by themes

Thematic expertise covers all the know-how on a specific subject in the following sectors: real estate, tourism, banking, education, commercial, financial, industrial, agriculture, health, directly or indirectly related to the above-mentioned activities or likely to foster the development of society.

It is an operation led by experts recognized by their academic aspect, practical and who carry out a permanent analysis on the subject in terms of evolution: business, posture, practices, regulation