• Pilotage of the sub-Saharan project on behalf of several Grandes Supermarkets in Casablanca "Communication, partnership ...... .."

  • Pilotage of a restructuring operation of the commercial department of an industrial company- Mohammedia

  • Intervention with some tourism companies as mediator to manage layoffs. «Mohammedia, Casablanca»

  • Supporting Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises "Mohammedia - Abidjan, Libreville ......"

  • To provide tailor-made and customized training for the clients of our firm "Business and even individuals following their request".

  • Make international seminars especially on the sub-Saharan level.

Our achievements
Technopark Event Women's Day

JSABM Meeting Technopark Rabat with professionals and thank you to CEED Morocco on Wednesday, February 24, 2019

Many thanks to Afaf and Emilie